About the Manufacturer

Perfect Line Swiss is a Black owned family run business. Lead by Women. Launched over a decade ago in Switzerland. Back then the company created and distributed wigs for the Jewish community in Zurich. In 2018 they launched their newest invention, the lace grid concealer. Since 2018 they moved production to Canada. One of their goals is to use this unique product to create business opportunities across the globe. Another is to positively impact the local economy by generating economic development through income and employment growth, hence they source and produce locally in Canada.  Producing in Canada allows them to personally ensure the quality of the product and that it continues to meet their high standards for quality and excellence as it relates to the core values and business goals for the company.

Perfect Line Swiss was born out of our passion for wigs and a need to make it wigs lace look as natural as if it were growing from the scalp. Wigs have become an essential part of the attire for women, and even some men who wear toupees.  The wearing of wigs and hair extensions is seen from all ethnicities and cultures. The effect of celebrities openly wearing wigs has normalized the trend. Weather it is for medical, personal preference or pure fashion, we all want it to look and feel like our own.